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Wed, 06 Jan, 2016 12:09:55 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jan 6

Finland may close dozens of reception centres this year, according to the Ministry of the Interior, if there is no significant increase in the influx of asylum seekers, reported a Finnish language daily, Helsingin Sanomat.

“It seems that, by autumn at the latest, dozens of centres could be closed down,” said Jorma Vuorio from the Ministry of Interior’s Immigration Department.

Immigration Service Development Manager Pekka Nuutinen said if the current trend continues, there are no plans to open new centres.

Some new centres may open at the beginning of the year in accordance with previous plans.

For the time being, Finland has about 140 reception centres for adults and 80 for minors. The centres were hastily set up during the end of last year, when a large number of asylum seekers came to the country.

Vuorio believes it’s unlikely that this year would see a corresponding spike in numbers.


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