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Home NATIONAL78 burnt to death in fire incidents in 2015
Wed, 06 Jan, 2016 12:04:09 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jan 6

A total of 78 people died in fires last year, according to Finnish National Rescue Central Organisation (SPEK) preliminary data.

The number of fire deaths dropped compared to 2014 when 87 people were burnt to death.

SPEK director Matti Orrainen believes that safety regulations in recent years are the reason for the lower numbers. Self-extinguishing cigarettes became mandatory, and more than 3,000 service stations and care facilities are equipped with an automatic fire-extinguishing system.

According to Orrainen, statistics show that the equipment functioned as expected in several fires and saved lives.

For the future, Orrainen said that it is important to change the poor conditions for people living in homes.

“Stove fires are pretty common, especially if the stove plates are absentmindedly left on,” said Orrainen. Stove safety devices which switch off the cooker would be especially helpful in his view.

Almost 40 percent of those who died in fires, of those whose age is known to SPEK, were older than 65. Nearly half of the fire deaths occurred in single-family homes.



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