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Wed, 13 Jan, 2016 12:03:54 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jan 13
Teacher Ilkka (first name only) Gulf reception center on 12 january 2016. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Problems arising from cultural differences at the Hennala reception centre in Lahti are being nipped in the bud through information sessions. 
The sessions have been held for refugee residents on the role of women in Finland and the Finnish sexual culture, and they have also been given mediated materials about Finland such as videos from the Finnish Immigration Service, said Finnish Red Cross employee Ilkka who only wished to give his first name.
According to Ilkka, directness and open emotions are part of Arab culture. Finns, on the other hand, tend to explore and discuss matters sensitively. So, often, the two cultures clash upon first meeting.
Asylum seekers have been told that, in Finland, romantic partners are often found among one’s circle of friends. First, they get to know each other, become friends, and only then do they date. 
Many have also found romantic partners in restaurants and nightclubs. So asylum seekers have been informed about Finnish bar behaviour.
“There are cultural differences, but I don’t believe that harassment properly fits into either culture,” said Ilkka.
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