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Wed, 15 Jun, 2016 01:09:29 AM
FTimes-STT Report, June 15
The Ostrobothnia District Court on Tuesday charged a man with the murder of his former wife.
According to prosecutors, the man hit the woman in the face, struck her against a wall, choked her, and continued to stab her with a knife after she had gone unconscious.
The prosecution believes that the suspect had not accepted the divorce of his former wife. Previously, the victim had filed a criminal police report against the suspect and had obtained a restraining order.
The suspect told social services that she was incapable of handling the religious education for their children. According to the Muslim man, religion comes before law.
According to prosecutors, on the day of the deed in March, the man followed the woman and attacked her in a stairwell.
The prosecutors believe the suspect planned the deed and is seeking a life sentence. 
Finnish newspaper Iltalehti reported on the trial on Tuesday. 
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