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Home NATIONALSea sauna in Helsinki suffer overheating
Mon, 01 Aug, 2016 01:05:47 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Aug 1

A sea sauna and restaurant complex in the southern part of Helsinki began smoking on Sunday morning.

The sauna and restaurant developers are Jasper Pääkkönen and Vihreät (Green) lawmaker Antero Vartia.

The fire chief on duty, Reima Roslöf told the news agency STT that the temperature in the big wood-fired sauna flue had risen so high that plastic and other structures in the attached space had begun to smoke.

According to Roslöf, the overheating heat could have been caused by continuous, heavy heating of the sauna, which can weaken thermal insulation around the flue.

Due to the smoke, customers and staff were evacuated from the restaurant. The sauna had not yet opened for bathers.

The large wood-fired sauna is currently prohibited for use. The fire inspector will assess the damage on Monday.




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