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Sun, 30 Oct, 2016 12:00:05 AM
FTimes- STT Report, Oct 30
File Photo AFP-Lehtikuva
The winter time started from early Sunday when the clock turned back by an hour at 4.00am.
The timing complications may arise in different sectors, especially in public transport and communication.
The authorities, however, expect that everything will be okay once people get accustomed to the new timing in a few days’ time.
There will be some changes in the bus and train schedules because of the winter time and the people have been asked to follow the timetables mentioned at the bus stoppages for local services.
The schedule for the intercity and long distance bus services will be available on the websites.
According to the national railway operator VR-Group, six night trains will stop for an hour in Oulu, Parkano, Seinäjoki and Ylivieska train stations.
The Allegro high speed train plying between Finland and Russia will also shift to the winter timetable even though Russia will not revert the time.
While many automatic devices switch automatically to winter time, one should ensure that the changes have taken place in the morning.
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