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Tue, 15 Nov, 2016 12:05:08 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Nov 15


The ban imposed on salmonid fishing in September will continue until the end of November, said the Finnish Recreational Fishing Central Association.

The extension of the ban is to ensure peace during the autumn, which is salmonid’s spawning season. Salmonids are a threatened family of fish species.
The ban applies to river and stream salmon, lake trout and salmon, as well as to whitefish in rivers and streams that empty into the sea.
The ban also applies to char in the Vuoksi water system. The species, however, is protected all year round in Kuolimo and in the region between Puumalansalmi in Saimaa and Vuoksenniska.
The extension of the ban is based on the Fisheries Regulation which went into effect at the beginning of the year.


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