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Tue, 01 Jul, 2014 02:48:34 AM
A total of 35 people are suspected of the bribery scam
FTimes-STT Report, July 1
The police suspect a project manager at the City of Helsinki Public Works Department of receiving a substantial amount of money in bribes.
Senior investigating officer Ismo Siltamäki said the money came from unjustifiable invoices and could rise up to 500,000 euros.
It is suspected that the project manager received a substantial amount of money out of this figure.
The kickbacks, according to the police, are related to seven different construction contracts in Helsinki from 2003 to 2011.
Although the main contractors have not been the same in the seven investigated cases, the pattern has remained the same, according to Siltamäki.
The sub-contractors are suspected of issuing unjustifiable invoices according to the instruction from the main contractor.
The main contractor then pays the amount issued in the invoices.
The subcontractors then withdraw money, some of which is suspected to have ended directly to the pocket of the project manager.
Afterwards, the construction work manager together with Public Works Department manager is suspected of issuing the invoices to the Public Works Department for approval.
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