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Wed, 08 Jul, 2015 12:08:12 AM
FTimes – STT Report, July 8
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The District Court of Espoo on Tuesday sentenced a 17-year-old youngster to two years’ conditional imprisonment for widespread hacking.
The district court found the accused guilty of, for example, 50,700 cases of aggravated hacking, disruption of telecommunications, aggravated fraud, aggravated breach of secrecy of communications and hacking.
The young man, for example, directed the network traffic of the University of Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology (MIT) to the server of Harvard University-invested prank website.
Furthermore, the hacker intercepted the MIT’s 15,000 users’ e-mail traffic for about an hour.
The hacker was also found guilty of aggravated payment fraud, since he handed over significant number of credit card information and used other people’s credit card information to shop at various online outlets.
Pictures of sparkling wines ordered from Ireland were also discovered on the youngster’s computer. The hacker admitted ordering the wine just for fun.
Furthermore, the youngster was sentenced for money laundering, since there was an attempt by him to obliterate the origin of illegally acquired funds.
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