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Sun, 25 Aug, 2013 12:53:15 AM
FTimes-STT Report, August 25
Young looking for a job Employment and Economic Development Office job search services on the website. Photo - Lehtikuva.
An entrepreneurship expert on Saturday said that the unemployed youths should be given an opportunity to move abroad with the view to gather practical experience on different culture and society which would be helpful for them in future.
The practical knowledge would also help internationalise the workforce to expand business and entrepreneurship in different parts of the world, said Professor Arto Lahti of Entrepreneurship at Aalto University.
“No extra-expenditure will be needed for the move as the unemployed youths are already being paid unemployment benefit by the government,” said Lahti, adding that the amount is enough to stay in a number of countries particularly in Asia and South-America to know about their atmosphere, language and culture.
The professor suggested that the unemployed people could be given internationalised stipend and they might submit a report on the society on return to the country.
“If the young people are sent to these fields with a simple concept, they would be more internationalised through the movement,” said Lahti, adding that there is possibility for earning more internationalised concepts.
The professor pointed out the move of Kone foundation for sending fresher graduates abroad in various assignments and said that there are thousands of companies in Finland that have the potentiality to expand business abroad.
A young man examines a bulletin board applying for a job center in Helsinki on 27 July 2010. Photo - Lehtikuva.
Earlier, the Statistics Finland reported that the number of country’s unemployed people reached to 300,000 at the end of May this year.
The number is 34,000 higher compared to the number of unemployed people a year ago.
The survey report of the Statistics Finland said that the unemployment rate reached at 10.8 per cent, which was 1.3 percent higher than the corresponding period of the previous year.
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