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Sat, 03 Jan, 2015 12:05:48 AM
Attacks committed from home, abroad
FTimes-STT Report, Jan 3

The Nordea bank authorities on Friday announced on its website that its online services had been subject to a denial of service attack.

According to the bank, the attack did not affect the operation of cards or other services.
Nordea’s online services faced disruptions and had been slow. Earlier, Nordea reported that it had been experiencing technical glitch.

Marko Mettenranta, a press officer at Nordea, confirmed that the bank had contacted the National Bureau of Investigation following the attack.

Mettenranta said the bank’s online services resumed normal operations, but the disruption continued to manifest from time to time.

Similarly, OP Pohjola group’s online service interruption continued on Friday.

The disruption which began on New Year's Eve affected all the bank’s services.
OP Pohjola said bank cards should be able to work normally both in the country and abroad. However, the bank’s online services continued to experience disruptions.
The bank confirmed that the disruption had been exceptionally huge. OP Pohjola said it was improving security of its services and will be resolving the disruption for all time.
According to the bank, the attack had originated from both inside the country and abroad. The bank also added that it had contacted the police.

The National Bureau of Investigation is investigating the attack on OP Pohjola Group as a case of aggravated interruption on information technology.

Still, it is not clear from where the attack had been carried out and who is responsible.

According to lead investigator Timo Piiroinen’ estimation, the investigation will take a long time.

Generally, investigations into denial of service attacks are challenging, pointed out Piiroinen.
“The evidence is often spread in different parts of the world, and thus there is need to cooperate with police in several countries. The perpetrators can be from anywhere,” said Piiroinen.


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