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Friday, 05 March, 2021
Sun, 31 Jan, 2016 02:03:10 AM

Finland to deny asylum to Russian protectees
According to the Finnish Immigration Service, if a person has been granted international protection in Russia, his or her asylum application will be rejected in Finland, reported News Agency ... details
Sun, 31 Jan, 2016 12:09:33 AM
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  Pro- and anti-immigrant groups held separate demonstrations in downtown Helsinki on Saturday.   One group demonstrated against racism and for an open Finland while the other called for closed borders.   The demonstrators in ... details
Sun, 31 Jan, 2016 12:01:25 AM
  About 10 companies from different countries have expressed interest to contest with the railway operator VR in opening passenger traffic routes in Finland, reported the Finnish language daily ... details
Sun, 31 Jan, 2016 03:32:50 AM
  The police suspect the Turku Animal Protection Association (TESY) of aggravated embezzlement, reported the Finnish language daily Turun Sanomat.   Experts interviewed by the newspaper estimated that tens of thousands of euros may be missing from donations collected in 2014.    Chairman Maylis Spiik, however, claimed that the suspicion is a mistake.   The police came to suspect a crime because of reports in the Turun Sanomat. The newspaper acquired financial data of TESY and, after studying them, contacted the police.   There is some confusion, for example, in recording the membership fee income of the association.    The income from the membership fee revenue is ... details
Sun, 31 Jan, 2016 12:10:43 AM
  Smartphone-controlled household appliances have security flaws which would easily allow hackers to harass device owners, reported the Finnish language daily Keskisuomalainen.    A research by the University of Jyväskylä revealed, for example, ... details
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