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Tue, 10 Feb, 2015 12:00:32 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Feb 10


A director of a company who for several years had mistreated women was on Monday handed a fine amounting to 7,500 euros by the District Court of North Savonia.

According to the court, the boss of a company in Varkaus acted indecently towards seven women.

The man was said to have touched the women employees inappropriately, such as by slapping and squeezing the female employees’ posteriors or breasts.

He also commented on the women’s dressing and appearance in a sexual manner.

The indecent acts began in 2009, as employees sought lengthy sick leave until the matter came to a head in 2013.

The man denied the charges claiming in the court that the allegations were exaggerated. The man viewed his actions mainly in the light of humour.

The district court gave its verdict in the end of January. The Eastern Finland
Regional State Administrative Agency confirmed the court’s decision on Monday.


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