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Wed, 21 Oct, 2015 12:04:12 AM
Korhonen’s allegation of raising polls fund illegally
FTimes – STT Report, Oct 21
Kokoomus secretary Minna Arve. File Photo Lehtikuva.
The Kansallinen Kokoomus (National Coalition Party) cannot unilaterally reveal persons who donated money to the party anonymously during the presidential polls in 2006.
The party’s Secretary Minna Arve on Tuesday commented on the campaign finance issue which has made headlines following the publication of former Suomen Keskusta (Centre Party) secretary Jarmo Korhonen’s book  Maan tapa (Way of the Country).
According to Arve, the privacy of the donors in 2006 guarantees their anonymity, and thus the party cannot make the donors public without their consent.
Arve appealed to the donors to come forward by themselves.
The party chair of Kokoomus, Alexander Stubb on Tuesday said the party has nothing new to clarify with respect to the election campaign financing.
President Sauli Niinistö has hoped that the donors during the 2006 presidential elections would come forward and reveal the donations they made. The president does not hold the view that the Kokoomus would have cashed on in his name collecting under the banner of presidential election money for the party. 
Korhonen in his newly published book wrote that the funding announcement for President Sauli Niinistö’s 2006 election was in serious breach of the law. 
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