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Thu, 07 Jan, 2016 01:14:18 AM
FTimes- STT Report, Jan 7
Three people were killed in two separate incidents at Kemi and Pirkanmaa on Wednesday and Tuesday, police said.
In a sequel to a divorce dispute at Ajos in Kemi, two people were killed and another was injured on Wednesday morning, said the Lapland Police.
The incident was revealed when a person wounded by gunshot arrived at the Kemi police station in the morning and said that he had been shot in a private residence. 
The police rushed to the spot and found two bodies in the apartment.
Detective chief inspector Hanna Lejonqvist did not want to reveal the gender of the victims on Wednesday, because the investigation was still on.
“There were three people in the apartment, of which two died, and the third wounded. Police do not yet know if one of the victims committed suicide,” Lejonqvist said.
The police are investigating the exact course of events and are likely to have more information on Thursday. The case is being investigated as manslaughter and attempted murder.
Meanwhile, in another incident a man was found dead in his residence at Hämeenkyrö in Pir-kanmaa on Tuesday. 
Police said that the man in his sixties died as a result of violence.
The victim's black pickup truck, a 1995 Mitsubishi, was also stolen, said the police. 
The car registration number is FBM-420. Police are requesting any information about the truck and about the person or people traveling in the truck.
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