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Tuesday, 27 September, 2022
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Sat, 27 Feb, 2016 12:08:41 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Feb 27
Interior Minister Petteri Orpo. File Photo Lehtikuva.
Interior Minister Petteri Orpo on Friday dismissed reports that the government is plan-ning to dispatch armed conscripts or reservists to help the Border Guard to control the eastern border.
Finnish language daily Helsingin Sanomat had earlier reported that the government's immigration committee has begun discussions on the use of armed conscripts and re-servists to help the Border Guard, a claim which Orpo denied.
“Not a word was spoken,” said Orpo during the EU's foreign ministers meeting in Brus-sels.
“Of course it is clear that authorities must carry out a variety of contingency plans be-tween them,” he added.
The dispatch of armed conscripts to the eastern border would, however, require amendment to the legislation. 
Orpo said that the refugee crisis has proved that authorities must be well prepared for cooperation. However, the interior minister did not advocate for a legislative amend-ment.
“Let first see whether there are developments. Afterwards it will be evaluated whether a legislative amendment should be initiated. So far, it has not been reached,” Orpo said.
According to Orpo, the issue is not on the agenda at the moment and there is currently no need for such a move.
“The solution must be found between Finland and Russia through negotiation. It does not help if there would be conscripts (at the eastern border).”
Defence minister Jussi Niinistö also said that there is no need of armed conscripts to safeguard the eastern border.
Like Orpo, Niinistö said the matter was not discussed within the government immigra-tion committee.
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