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Tuesday, 26 October, 2021
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Sun, 06 Mar, 2016 01:01:56 AM
FTimes-Xinhua Report, Mar 6

Two cars collided with each other Saturday morning in northern Finland, leaving three people dead and two others seriously injured, local media reported.

The accident occurred on a road between Ivalo and Innari in the Finnish Lapland.

 Police suspected that one of the cars lost its control and crashed into the other one, when it turned right, said Finnish national broadcaster Yle.

 There were seven people in the two cars. All the three killed in the accident were in the same car, according to police.

 Janne Koskela, Detective Chief Inspector of the Lapland Police Department, told media that the road surface was very slippery at the scene due to the icy road with snow.

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