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Monday, 06 February, 2023
Home NATIONALBridge in Norway collapses with Finnish kids
Fri, 08 Apr, 2016 12:46:07 AM
FTimes- STT Report, Apr 8

A group of Finnish students on a school camping trip to Norway were involved in a bridge accident on Thursday.

The fifth-graders from the Karisto School in Lahti were taking photographs on the bridge when it suddenly collapsed.

The accident happened in Skibotn, northern Norway.

A dozen students fell in the water but were quickly saved.

A group of adult people takings photographs next to them on the bridge dived in to help. The children were on the bridge with the permission of a local guide.

No one was placed in danger, said the school. One pupil, however, suffered hand injury.

The school rector, Tiina Marttinen told the news agency STT that the water was a couple of centimetres deep when the bridge collapsed.

“A few pupils were scared, but the majority of the children reacted calmly. Of course, they had a disgusting feeling after getting soaked,” Marttinen said.



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