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Sat, 14 May, 2016 12:02:42 AM
FTimes – STT Report, May 14
District court in Helsinki. File Photo Lehtikuva.
The District Court of Southwest Finland on Friday sentenced a 20-year-old woman to imprisonment for nine and a half years over killing her husband.
The court sentenced Natalja Kostina as the charges of murder brought against her were proved beyond doubt.
The woman was embroiled in a dispute with her husband, who had visited her at her workplace where she worked as a stripper. 
There was no other person when the last spectator left.
Kostina used a 16-cm kitchen knife to kill her husband. The knife penetrated the heart of the victim.
According to the court, there is no evidence that Kostina precisely wanted the man dead. 
However, according to the court, the man’s death was the result of the knife attack.
In another case, the District Court of South Karelia on Friday sentenced man of Lappeenranta to  life imprisonment for inciting murder of his former wife.
According to the court, the man incited another man to carry out murder.
Javed Iqbal killed his former wife in 2009 and was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2011.
Mohammed Riaz who was convicted of incitement was married to Iqbal’s former wife. The woman wanted to divorce Riaz and thus Riaz demanded Iqbal kill the woman.
 Iqbal told the court that Riaz is his elder brother whom he has to obey.
Riaz, however, said that they grew up in different families.
The court observed that Riaz used his position of power to pressure Iqbal to commit the crime.
According to the criminal law, an instigator of a crime should be accorded the same punishment as the perpetrator.
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