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Sat, 02 Jul, 2016 12:01:23 AM
FTimes - STT Report, Jul 2
Photo Lehtikuva.
The Administrative Court of Northern Finland has repealed further decisions by the Kittilä mu-nicipal council and board.
The chair of the municipal council had suspended decisions by members of the board due to an ongoing police investigation.
However, the municipal council reprimanded the chair of the board for over excising his powers.
The Administrative Court ruled that the municipal council does not have powers to reprimand the chair of the board, and that it had acted as a court.
The municipal also took away the secretarial tasks and deputy mayoral tasks from the chair of the board, a decision which the court termed illegal.
In June, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that dismissal of former mayor of Kittilä Anna Mäkelä was contrary to the law.
Earlier, in March the municipality of Kittilä has provided a report requested by the Ministry of Finance on the situation of its municipal decision-making.
Due to a number of complaints and criminal proceedings, a segment of the municipality’s trusted officials has been disqualified from dealing with matters concerning the municipality.
In February, the ministry requested clarification on whether decision-makers and officials are complying with the municipal law concerning disqualification.
In addition, the municipality was asked to explain, among other things, what steps it took regard-ing the dismissal of the former mayor Anna Mäkelä.
On the basis of the information received from the municipality of Kittilä, the Ministry of Finance will assess whether it should investigate into amending the existing legislation.
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