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Mon, 11 Jul, 2016 12:03:48 AM
Musta Barbaari demands public apology from police
FTimes – STT Report, Jul 11
Musician Musta Barbaari well known as James Nikander.File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The mother and sister of musician Musta Barbaari, publicly known as James Nikander, were reportedly harassed by police during a search at Helsinki city centre late Friday night.
The musician strongly protested the incident and demanded that the Helsinki police should make an apology publicly for the incident.
Nikander also demanded compensation from the Helsinki police for the damage suffered by his sister and mother.
He made the demand in a Facebook post on Sunday where he described how a police patrol mistreated his sister and mother in downtown Helsinki.
The musician wrote that his sister and mother were in the city centre Friday night. When they were heading toward a taxi queue, the police officers in civil dress stopped the women and demanded to see their passports.
His sister, however, refused to show the passport and asked why they should proffer the documents.
“The police did not say why they had stopped my mother and sister, but instead brazenly forced them to the ground. My sister asked once again, why they were being treated like this and what they had supposedly done, which the police ignored,” Nikander wrote in the Facebook post.
According to Nikander, two more police patrols arrived at the scene and inspected the bags of the women.
The sister’s handcuffs were opened, and she began to record a video of the situation. However, according to Nikander, the police took the phone and the recorded material is no longer present.
Nikander said later that one of the officers lost his badge and accused the women of taking it.
Upon inspection of the bags, however, the badge was not found. According to Nikander, his mother’s tablet computer was broken during the incident.
Meanwhile, the Helsinki police said on Sunday that the police patrol was monitoring for foreigners suspected of coming into Finland illegally and trying to keep illegal immigration under control. 
According to the police, those to be inspected are chosen at random, and the inspections are not based solely on physical characteristics and features.
“The inspections are also directed at persons who are not suspected of anything,” said the police.
Inspector Riku Korpela of the Helsinki police told the news agency STT earlier that according to the police register, a disturbance involving two women happened at the scene of the incident on Friday night. 
He did not speculate whether Nikander’s mother and sister were the suspected women.
“I can’t say of individual citizens who have been placed in handcuffs and who have not been,” said Riku Korpela.
According to the police, the person concerned has made a complaint about Friday’s events. 
The case was transferred for investigation to the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department. 
The investigation is being led by the prosecutor.
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