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Fri, 28 Oct, 2016 12:03:14 AM
FTimes - STT Report, Oct 28
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
A reservist was killed after being pinned under a tyre of an armoured vehicle at the Säkylä Pori Brigade on Thursday. He was 22 years old, the army said.
The accident took place in the afternoon during a convoy exercise for a crisis management troops waiting to be deployed in Lebanon.
The Pori Brigade Chief of Staff Tommi Haapala said the accident happened when the group involved in the training was walking alongside the armoured vehicle straight on asphalt.
“As for yet unknown reasons, one member of the exercise was dragged under the middle tire of the Pasi [XA-185 armoured] six-wheeled vehicle,” Haapala said.
According to Haapala, the exercise was accompanied by medical staff who immediately started to give first aid.
Haapala did not speculate on how the reservist died and did not divulge further details about the soldier’s death.
The scene of the accident has been isolated and is under investigation by the police.
Haapala said the exercise group is in the middle of a three-week rotational training.
Next week is the last week of training, and then the group is set to be deployed in Lebanon.
The exercises were suspended immediately following the accident.
According to Haapala, there were a few dozen people involved in the exercises.
The victim’s relatives have been informed about the incident.
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