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Wed, 02 Jul, 2014 03:39:57 PM
FTimes-STT Report, July 2
The Finnish intelligence service Supo at a press conference on Wednesday said its investigations found state actors were behind the cyber attacks made on the foreign affairs ministry.
Security Police Director Antti Pelttari (left) and the Department of the Secretary Peter Stenlund at a press conference in Helsinki on Wednesday describe the espionage of ministry’s website. Photo Lehtikuva.
According to Supo, the ministry faced two different incidents of cyber attacks. The police however did not reveal who exactly were behind the espionage.
Supo began investigating the cyber attacks in the spring of 2003. The story however became public in October last year. At that time, Supo suspected that the spying had been going on for several years.
One incident is being investigated as espionage while the other is being looked into as aggravated espionage.
According to Supo, plenty of materials were taken away from the foreign ministry. All the documents taken away however could not be identified.
Supo described the execution of the spying as highly sophisticated and difficult to detect.
The intelligence service is continuing with preliminary investigations into the spying cases.
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