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Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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Wed, 24 Aug, 2016 12:04:10 AM
Budget cuts clip border opening hours
FTimes - STT Report, Aug 24

The Border Guard is planning to keep the border crossing points at Imatra and Niirala closed during the night following the budget cuts.

In addition, the authorities are considering shortening the opening hours at Vartius, Kuusamo, Salla, and Raja-Jooseppi borders.

The Border Guard has been going through a 28 million euro adjustment programme from 2013 to 2017.

Further cuts are also likely in the midst of the previous adjustment programme.  The savings would need to amount to 15 million euros by 2020.

According to the Border Guard, the available funds have been limited by, among other things, frame cuts, rising prices and the effects of the competitive agreement.

As a result, the Border Guard has been forced to continue prioritising their tasks and resources.

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