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Thu, 28 May, 2015 12:06:31 AM
FTimes – STT Report, May 28
Alcohol confiscated from the warehouse at the West Harbour in Helsinki on Wednesday. Photo – Lehtikuva.
The Finnish Customs pay more attention nowadays to vans crossing borders from the neighbouring countries.
The inspection of alcohol import has almost been doubled compared to the past, according to Seppo Raitolahti, a senior inspector at the customs.
The customs have confiscated over 10,400 litres of alcohol. The largest cargo seized amounted to over 2,100 litres of alcohol and the smallest was about 20 litres.
In addition to intensified inspection, about three-quarters of the remaining cases have resulted to some forms of tax reassessment.
The increased inspection is aimed at curtailing souvenir alcoholic products which end up being sold.
Last June, a new law came into force which compels travellers to account for the alcohol they are carrying.
Wedding and major festivities are the most common reasons given for importation of large volume of alcohol.
Bringing festive alcoholic beverages remains fully permissible; however, the existence of the given festivity has to be ascertained.
This can be achieved, for example, by providing a list of the invited guests or the party reservation.
According to Raitolahti, sometimes the alleged festivities have turned out to be nonexistent.
Furthermore, the customs may have reasons to suspect importation of huge volume of alcohol in disguise of a given festivity.
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