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Thu, 21 Feb, 2013 01:04:53 AM
FTimes-STT Report, February 21


The government is likely taking decision to reduce the corporate tax in the upcoming budget.

The stand of the government regarding the corporate tax has been reflected in the speeches of two ministers in the parliament during a discussion on the budget.

Minister for the foreign affairs, erkki Tuomioja and the minsiter for the cultural affairs, Paavo Arhinmäki have given their opinion towards a soft solution about the corporate tax reduction when the issue came along with other subjects.

Pointing out the demand of trade body EK for bringing reduction to the present corporate tax in the upcoming budget, the ministers have in a certain point , feel the same.

The ministers, however, viewed that if even the tax reduction occur in a certain point in the budget discussion, it should not come bellow 20 percent.

Rejecting the demand of EK to fix up the corporate tax at 15 percent, the ministers said that the corporate tax is 22 percent in Sweden and 21 percent in Estonia has, so it would not be logical to bring it under 20 percent in Finland.

But the government also reiterated that one percent tax reduction would result to reduce Euro 200 million per year, which is too ambitious to do. 

However , the speakers participated in the discussion agreed that wide range job opening is the first and foremost agenda to introduce a competitive taxation and it should be implemented to boost the economy.


Earlier, the Foreign Minister, Erkki tuomioja also expressed his opinion Monday that the implementation of the new proposed corporate tax structure could be possible under certain conditions.

The minister made the remarks in his blog where he said that taxation structure is not a holy thing at all and there is evidence that the tax would support for better healthy business environment as well as the new job creation.

Reminding the Corporate structure, he said that the reduced corporate tax rate could be introduced, if the corporations spend significant extra amount for payment and bonus of the employees.

The minister also said that unfair tax evasion can be reduced by proper clarification. 

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