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Mon, 17 Aug, 2015 12:04:51 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Aug 17
Defense minister Jussi Niinistö. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The country is planning to get in touch with the International Business Times (IBT) following a news headline which, according to Helsinki, made a misleading impression.
The headline of the report run by the online publication was “Finland Preparing for War with Russia?" and the report, according to Helsinki, was based on speculations surrounding the increased number of reservists.
Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö told the news agency STT that the misleading headline was aimed at evoking interest among the audience.
Every now and then we try to correct the errors and regarding this headline, too, Finland intends to provide feedback to the editors, Niinistö said.
“Media literacy in Finland is fortunately at a fairly good level; however, in international outlets, more audience which falls for such disinformation is found,” Niinistö said in a comment sent by an email.
A major part of the IBT story is based on information relayed by the news agency AFP.
The report said the country has significantly increased the number of reservists called for refresher training courses. 
“This year we are training 18,000 reservists, which is already a satisfactory level. This is not a question of any war preparation, rather an up-keep of learned military skills. Unfortunately, the headline leaves misleading images to many,” Niinistö said.
In the report, Assistant Chief of Staff Hannu Hypponen is quoted by AFP as saying that the number of refreshers has been put back to the 2010 level following savings obligation.
Hypponen also dismissed the headline of the IBT report as completely off the mark.
According to Hypponen, this is a question of normal training and neither is the country prepared for war against anyone.
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