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Sun, 08 Sep, 2013 12:10:26 AM
Police boss Mikko Paatero unaware of investigation
FTimes-STT Report, September 8
National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero. Photo - Lehtikuva
The National Police Commissioner, Mikko Paatero on Saturday expressed his wonder regarding the investigation going on against the head of the Helsinki drug unit of police as he was not informed about the matter, a Finnish language newspaper Suomen Kuvalehti reported on Saturday.
According to the report, the police commissioner told the newspaper that he was informed about the matter last week, although the Central Rikos Police (Keskus Rikos Poliisi-KRP) initiated an investigation against Jari Aarnio, head of the drug unit of Helsinki police in spring this year.
The allegation brought against the drug unit chief, however, was not told in the report.
The Prosecutor General, Matti Nissinen in his comment did not see the necessity for informing the police commissioner in this regard.
“Why Paatero should be informed about the allegations and investigation?” the prosecutor general asked the Suomen Kuvalehti.
Following the situation, the Helsinki police on Friday requested Nissinen to find out the information that who had leaked the information regarding the investigation to the news media.
The Helsinki police requested that the prosecutor general should also check that whether the investigation going on against Aarnio has been conducted properly.
The request was made as the investigation group KRP has a negative relation with the Helsinki police, said the report.
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