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Thu, 06 Mar, 2014 12:11:13 AM
FTimes-STT Report, March 6
Intelligence Police SUPO office in Helsinki. Photo – Str / Lehtikuva.
The number of militants returning to Europe has increased significantly creating a major security risk, according to the annual report of Finnish intelligence agency-Supo.
The intelligence service claimed that the combat experience acquired by the radical religious group raised security threat.
Senior Inspector Tuomas Portaankorva said the returnees have a network – connected with the global networks – ready to create violence.
Terrorism threat is, however, low in Finland according to the intelligence service.
Finland is not involved in any operation targeting radical groups, as a result it is not considered an enemy by these groups.
For the time being, the returnees seem not to pose immediate terrorism threat to the country, according to the intelligence agency.
The security agency has identified more than 30 people who have travelled to Syria from the country.
About one in every two is thought to have left to fight in Syria. At least two Finnish citizens died in the fighting in Syria, the Finnish intelligence agency sources said.
Yle reported that individuals from different ethnic groups including Finnish converts to Islam have travelled to Syria from Finland.
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