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Sat, 09 Jul, 2016 12:09:06 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jul 9
The flagship of the US Navy 6th Fleet USS Mount Whitney visits Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki, Finland on Friday. Photo – Lehtikuva.
United States Commanding Officer captain Carlos Sardiello does not consider the tension in the Baltic Sea as a threat.
Even though Russian fighter jets have previously interfered with US ships in the Baltic Sea, the Sixth Fleet USS Mount Whitney commanded by Sardiello has managed to sail peacefully in the Baltic Sea.
The 195-metres long USS Mount Whitney docked at the Vuosaari Harbour in Helsinki on Friday.
“We have not encountered harassment, and I do not worry about it too much since we have a trained crew and good resources. In addition, our partner states are strong players in the waters,” said Sardiello.
The vessel has been sailing in the Baltic Sea from the beginning of June due to the recently concluded 2016 BALTOPS exercise.
Fifteen NATO countries were involved in the exercise as well as the host nations Finland and Sweden.
The timing of the visit according to the captain is not related to the NATO summit in Poland. The vessel has docked in five ports before reaching Helsinki.
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