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Fri, 16 Jan, 2015 02:16:28 AM
Interior minister appreciates prompt action against Oulu killer
FTimes-STT Report, Jan 16

Aggressive behaviour against on-duty police officers have increased, said National Police Commissioner Mikko Paatero on Thursday.

Improving the equipments used by response teams in demanding operations has been cited as one way for the police to handle such tough situations.

The Oulu axe killings and subsequent events are examples of such aggressive attacks.

“The police are no longer that kind of authority which is respected in the same manner as in the past,” observed Paatero.

Paatero pointed out that in responding to alarms at homes, the police are prepared for everything when the door opens.

According to Paatero, safety of police during the course of their work must be emphasised and one way of doing that is improving the equipments used by them.

“Last year, equipments worth 2.7 million euros used by teams involved in demanding operations were acquired,” revealed Paatero.

According to the commissioner, the acquisition mainly comprised of modernisation of the equipments.

“We acquired equipments which can better withstand all sorts of blows,” he added.

Investment in the special teams, however, does not rule out the basic strategy in which the first police patrol goes to the scene, if it is possible at all.

The risks have, however, increased, said Paatero, pointing out that the greatest risk factor is the mentally ill who move along the streets and the squares.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Päivi Räsäsen thanked the authorities for acting swiftly in stopping the Oulu killer.

“I give big thanks to the authorities for having acted fast in stopping this dangerous person before he could have managed to inflict more damages,” said Räsänen.

However, Räsänen said it was both unfortunate and regrettable that the perpetrator died during the operation.

The minister said the National Bureau of Investigation and the prosecutor will go through the events and conduct their investigations.

The minister described the situation as very serious and surprising.

“It is unfortunate that the police sometimes have to use lethal power,” she added.

The minister pointed out that there is a clear legal provision for the use of force by the police.

Räsänen also mentioned that the police very rarely have resorted to using firearms in the country.

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